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Blog By: Stephanie LPC

6 Steps to Stress Less and Be Your Best

  1. Work-Life Boundaries: The term work-life balance literally means "balance between life and work", where "life" means personal life. It is about the ability to separate the professional and personal areas of life. Nowadays with so many people working from home the lines between work and home are blurred. It is important to set clear boundaries with both. Which means taking breaks while at work by walking away from the workstation, not working past your scheduled time, disconnecting work emails from your personal phone, and not answering calls when not at work.

  2. Prioritize Personal Time: You work to live; you should not live to work! Each and every day carve out time for yourself. Organize your time to prioritize your personal interests. Afterwork, dedicate time to the things you enjoy the most: read a book, watch a movie, go out for a run, do what makes you feel good. It is proper self-care hygiene when you take time for yourself every day. Even taking a bath, spending some time doing absolutely nothing, or enjoying nature is self-care. Do it... It’s good for your mind, body, and soul!

  3. Spend Time with Good People: Prioritize relationships with people who feel like light, love, and support. Spend time with people make you laugh and smile. Organize meet-ups with people that have good energy. Create routines where you have weekly outings, themed evenings with board games, dinners, or whatever you enjoy doing with friends. Find your soul tribe and vibe!

  4. Say "Yes" to You and Say "No" to Others: Setting boundaries, knowing your limitations, and delegating tasks (when possible), will eliminate tons of unnecessary stress. Stop trying to solve other people's problems, refrain from completing other people's work, and learn how to say "yes" to you and "no" to others. In laymen's terms learn how to mind your own business.

  5. Health is Wealth: If you do not make time for wellness, you are creating time for illness. Maintaining optimal health should be woven into your daily routine. Small changes can have lasting effects. Some basic components of a healthy lifestyle include drinking water, eating balanced meals, exercise, getting adequate sleep, keeping up with personal hygiene, as well as allowing space to process thoughts and feelings.

  6. Making Space for Emotions: Last but not least, emotional management. Many people underestimate the detriment of unkept emotional management. When you do not manage your feelings, it can easily turn into physical symptoms such as migraines, gastrointestinal issues, sexual dysfunction, back pain, and more. Emotional dysregulation impacts job performance, personal relationships, and overall satisfaction with life. Taking time to talk out your feelings with a professional is an opportunity to vent frustrations, express feelings, process thoughts, and solve problems without judgement or ridicule.

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